About Solvents NYC

Solvents from Solvents NYC is the Gold Standard of Solvent Cleaners,

Solvents from Solvents NYC is Premium and Price Effective.

At Solvents NYC we have what it takes to deliver the most premiums on the modern market. We offer only the best products, made by only the most trusted sources. We have a customer service team that is unlike anything in the world. Our customers especially the Rewards Program which allows them to enjoy even more from our inventory. No other supplier can make such claims, which is why we are considered one of the best in the industry.

While our prices are not always the bottom dollar, they are extremely close. What you get for the difference in price is staggering though: impeccable customer service, fast ordering, quick shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For most of our customers, that is worth the little extra they sometimes pay for our premium products. By carrying such well-known brands as Clock Cleaners (makers of BBC) and PWD (makers of Iron Horse), we are able to elevate ourselves to a legendary status in the industry.

Those who do their shopping with us are always pleased from start to finish. We offer a toll free support line in case they ever have any issues. Additionally, we provide our customers with a Live Chat feed on the home page for instant access to answers. Our commitment to customer service does not stop there: we also have an email support platform which allows customers to inquire about anything they wish. All tickets are answered within 24 hours of retrieval, making your ordering experience that much more satisfying.

We try not to let any of our customers walk away unhappy. That is why we also provide you with a free SMS and/or email message which tracks all your orders from start to finish. You never have to worry about a thing when you order yours through us. Even our website is simple and secure, with a fully encrypted IP for added safety. Don’t get caught giving away all your cleaning secrets. Shop with Solvents NYC and let us do all the hard work for you. After all, we have already done the research to find the premium products contained within our impressive inventory.

While you are here, be sure to sign up for our comprehensive Rewards Program. You will immediately gain access to special discounts and incentives, as well as important industry information that could make your buying experience even more pleasurable.