Value Pack

Isobutyls  are in a Value Pack to Save Customers Money from Solvents N.Y.C

Isobutyls  are in a Value Pack  from Solvents N.Y.C. get down deep to solve all your cleaning mysteries for cheap.

Nothing says quality, selection, and value quite like the inventory here at Solvents N.Y.C..  We have scoured the Earth for the bests in the industry, and what we have to offer the cream of that crop.  We only carry rock star brands such as Clock Cleaners, Jungle Juice, and PWD. In fact, we wouldn’t mess around with some of those other brands if you paid us.  We like how reputable we have become to our beloved customers and we plan on keeping it that way.

Right now, we are offering even more savings to our valued patrons.  Our prices are already some of the lowest on the market, but we are taking things a step further. Order $40 or more today and we will give you express shipping at no extra charge.  Even if you can’t order that much, we will still get your items to you in a timely manner.  On top of that, all shipments made from our secure warehouse are done so in completely discrete packaging.  We also use an in-transit tracking system to help customers stay in control of the whereabouts of their items along the way.

Our commitment to customer service is evident by the devotion of our friendly representatives, but more than that, our dedication is obvious because of one thing: our website is fully encrypted for your protection.  Not everyone deserves to know how you get things so clean, and we intend on keeping your secrets safe with us.  Each Value Pack offers an array of differents to give you a satisfying cleaning experience no matter where you go.  With all items made in U.S.A., it is easy for us to get your package to you despite your remote location.

Before buying your highly pures Value Pack from us, take a second to check out the benefits of becoming a member of our Rewards Program.  This is especially important if you plan on buying more solvent cleaner in the near future.  Get instant discounts, product previews, and other valuable incentives just for joining.  Get your clean on to get the dirt off, and same money along the way by opting for our Value Pack.